Life. One day at a time.

New Year

I’ve never been much for resolutions, in fact I’ve never made any. This year I want to make just a few.

1.) Trim a few pounds. I’m not overweight by any standard but I’m 20 pounds heavier than this time last year. My dad’s side of the family is all overweight, while I take after my mom I better get control now just in case.

2.) Start working towards a debt free life. I’m not going to use credit on anything (unless emergency) and start paying much more than the minimum payment on my car.

3.) Study!! I take for granted too often that I’m smart and skate by. I’m taking 6 classes in addition to teaching one so my goal is to actually study! We’ll see.

Have you made your resolutions yet?

2 Responses to “New Year”

  1. A couple of years ago I took complete control of our finances and now write down every penny we spend. I can’t express how freeing it is.

  2. Hi! Thanks for visiting me on No Kidding in NZ!

    Like most of the world, I share your first resolution. I can also relate to your third – I want to work on foreign languages, but always put it off. You’re motivating me to actually pick one and work on it!

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