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New Year

January 2, 2011

I’ve never been much for resolutions, in fact I’ve never made any. This year I want to make just a few. 1.) Trim a few pounds. I’m not overweight by any standard but I’m 20 pounds heavier than this time last year. My dad’s side of the family is all overweight, while I take after […]

Warren Theater

November 29, 2010

I don’t usually review things but I have to tell you about our movie experience last weekend. It was our double date with another childless couple and at their suggestion we tried a new theater.  The cost was $18 a ticket, which is a little steep in my book but was totally worth it.   They […]

Why I’m here

November 26, 2010

Like I said before, I’m starting this blog in a new place.  Away from the mess I created with a real lifer finding my blog and demanding that I don’t post anything about her on it.  Which is the hard part. Said friend has been my best friend since 5th grade.  She’s newly married and, […]

My So-Called Life

November 26, 2010

After a year vacation from the blogging world, I return in a new space. My name is L.  I’m 24, married to W, 28.  I’m a student and tutor with a love for all things Chemistry.  I have PCOS and MTHFR (more about those later) leaving W and I childless after infertility treatments.  I don’t […]