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Merry Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas Eve!

Most of you are probably getting ready for a busy weekend ahead! Not me! Jealous yet?

We celebrated last Saturday when my mom came down from Iowa. It was the first time she brought her boyfriend too (we’ve met him before and like him.) My brother and his wife were able to come as well. W and I decided to go ahead and exchange gifts when they were here, mostly because it was killing us to exchange them. W got me an iPad. I can’t lie… I was half expecting it but soooo excited.

My sister in law was the main event though, she brought homemade cake balls! These are old news to most but brand new to me. If you don’t know it’s cake crumbles mixed with frosting then dipped in chocolate. They are amazing. And helping to contribute to my winter weight gain! Here’s a pic of SIL’s:

I’m suppose to take dessert to W’s family on New Years so I thought I would try these. Tonight was the trial. I don’t cook. I don’t bake. I barely microwave. All in all they turned out well. Next week I’ll make some minor adjustments and hopefully be the talk of the party :). Here’s my first try:


One Response to “Merry Christmas Eve!”

  1. An iPad?!? That is awesome!! Those cake balls look delicious. Hoping you have a very Merry Christmas!

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