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Christmas time

I finally have time to breathe! I finished finals on Friday and my mother was in town this weekend!

Finals went well. All the finals were standardized, nationwide exams written by the American Chemical Society. Standardized tests give me a little extra freak out but they all went well.

My last final was Friday morning, then it was rushing around town to pick up groceries and last minute presents. The weekend went well, my mom didn’t stay nearly long enough but she only had 3 days off and lives 7 hours away. It was great to see her and the fam.

This side of the family hasn’t exploded into pregnancy and babies yet, thank god. I can’t help but think my brother and his girlfriend will be next though. We have two more celebrations to go. Christmas at W’s family on new year’s and my dad’s sometime in January. I love love W’s family but everyone but us has kids. It’s a nightmare. At least no one this year is pregnant!

If you are TTC or living child free, how do you handle the holidays? When we were TTC and after the m/cs we didn’t go to a single family get together.


4 Responses to “Christmas time”

  1. I’ve crossed over to the other side, but I can say that after my m/cs, though we had to go to family gatherings, I pretty much hid under the table or in the bathroom. And I ate a LOT of cookies. I don’t recommend that as a coping strategy, though. I hope that your holiday goes better than mine did … and that the baby explosion doesn’t spread.

    Thanks for visiting, and happy ICLW!

  2. Congrats on finishing finals – what a relief that must be! Also – I just had to laugh about this quote from a few posts ago: ‘The only real joy I have left is Chemistry.’ What? Wow – I never thought I’d hear/read anyone say that. You are my hero! Here I am dreading having to go back and take a 1st year organic chem course like a big baby. I’ve got you bookmarked and my just have to come crawling back for help when my semester starts!

    This is our first Xmas after losing our little girl and I’m really dreading it. Because our loss is so recent the family is pretty understanding though and have been forewarned that we might not attend all the festivities or might not stick around long for those that we do. My coping method so far – copious amounts of booze. I’ll pay for it on the scales no doubt but I intend to buzz my way through the next week.

    Good luck getting through the holidays!

  3. after my daughter died i avoided events like the plague. like PP said i also enjoyed the alcohol. wine was the best. if i knew i was going to be uncomfortable i just didn’t go. everyone understood (or if they didn’t they didn’t have the nerve to tell me)
    good luck through the holidays – it’s never easy.

  4. We went years before anyone asked about the kid situation and then all of a sudden everyone was asking at once and I kind of lost it, got sick of it so just used to turn around and say “we can’t have kids”, which then always made people ask why [nosy buggers that they are!] and I’d say “because we have white carpet” – used to shut em up every single time!

    ~Happy ICLW~
    ♥ May your New Year be filled with Hope
    And remember in 2011 to….
    ♥ take risks regularly and love hard & without fear
    ♥ cry frequently but laugh daily

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