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Best Friend


“Best” friend is having the baby. I can’t believe how much joy I lack for this. Granted she lives 17 hours away so I can’t be there to maybe get excited.  I’m not sad. I’m upset. I’m angry. I’m jealous.

I’m sure she’ll have a super perfect baby that doesn’t cry and sleeps through the night. (Kidding of course) But she’s always had an easy life with no real worries. She went from her parent’s house to her husband’s house. Never paying bills or worrying about anything. She had her college completely paid for with no debt. It’s just not fair. I just want ONE thing in my life to be as easy as her whole life.

I work hard and study harder.  The only real joy I have left is Chemistry.  I just practiced my presentation again for tomorrow’s final quantitative chemical analysis presentation. I researched atomic absorption, created an ungrad lab we could actually use and tested 9 times. With great results!!  I’m determining the concentration of zinc in a multivitamin.  It was much more difficult that I initially thought but worth it! Other people in my course did easy things like caffeine in tea. Actually only 2 groups didn’t do caffeine in pop, chocolate, tea, or coffee. And I didn’t even allow myself a lab partner. Something about doing it completely alone makes the reward much greater. Oh goodness Chemistry rant! 

One more… studied my ass of for my organic II test and made a 96%. Beat class average by 40 and the next highest grade is a 72!

I like how bragging about chemistry made me feel so much better. I’ll have to thank my mentor in the morning for that.

Wish me luck on my presentation! (And on getting over the jealous anger.)

XoX – L


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