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Warren Theater

I don’t usually review things but I have to tell you about our movie experience last weekend.

It was our double date with another childless couple and at their suggestion we tried a new theater.  The cost was $18 a ticket, which is a little steep in my book but was totally worth it.   They are bringing back the experience of the old theaters with ushers and a curtain rising before the movie.  We went upstairs to the balcony lounge (21+) and checked in.  We were a little early so we sat and had a drink at the bar.   Soon they announced they would be seating our show.  We check in again and are walked to our balcony seats by an usher. The whole balcony is 21+ which is an amazing idea for an infertile couple!  At this time, they gave us a menu and explained the process since we had never been.  There are little tables to every two recliners.   The usher then showed me where the SEAT WARMER button was.  We were also given a full dinner and drink menu.  The ordering process was the most fun- there was a button on our little table  for the waiter!  I had a few glasses of wine, spinach artichoke dip and apple cobbler ala mode.  It was a great experience and a nice getaway from all the kids (especially in Harry Potter.) If you are ever in Oklahoma or Kansas I highly recommend experiencing this for yourself!


2 Responses to “Warren Theater”

  1. Hello, here visiting from LFCA.

    This theater looks wonderful. What a fantastic way to see a movie. I am thoroughly jealous 🙂

  2. That sounds amazing!

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