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Harry Potter

This evening W and I will be on our first double date. Sounds silly because we’ve been together 4 years.

It was the Tuesday of our honeymoon that I found out we were pregnant for the 2nd time. The next month we weren’t allowed to be intimate, thrice weekly blood draws, a due date on my husband’s birthday and ending in a very emotional miscarriage. It was a hard d&c with infection that kept me on bedrest another month.

Needless to say we didn’t start marriage in a traditional manner and we just couldn’t be around people having children.

I work very occasionally at the local hospital and just happened upon an 8 week contract in transplant a few years ago. Lucky to find A. Her and her husband are a little older than us and have decided to live childfree.  We have such a connection through our humor and world view- it’s about damn time we get this friendship rolling!

Cut to tonight. Tonight’s double date is at the “fancy” theater to watch Harry Potter. We have balcony seats, which are 21+, with a server a button press away. We aren’t big drinkers but the option for beer or wine at the movies is amazing!  A’s husband and W will finally be meeting.  I’ve met him and W’s met A but it just hasn’t worked out to all be together.


One Response to “Harry Potter”

  1. Here’s to new friendships and to your new blog! So glad to see you in the ‘sphere again…

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